Simple Foods To Help You Lose Weight.

Food, Like Your Money, Should Be Working For You. Photo Courtesy

Simple Foods To Help You Lose Weight.

Here are foods that may help keep you healthy, fill you up, and help you slim down.

Food, Like Your Money, Should Be Working For You. Photo Courtesy


Breakfast is key when trying to shed pounds, and starting the day with eggs may be a smart strategy to feeling fuller longer and eating less later on. Studies show that The research showed that eggs may have appetite-suppressing properties that last beyond breakfast.


Apples have fewer than 100 calories each, plus they’re packed with filling fiber, making them a smart snack option when you’re trying to shed some Kgs.


Starting a meal with soup prepares your body for digestion and curbs your appetite before you dig into more calorie-dense dishes.

Food, Like Your Money, Should Be Working For You.

Hot Chilli Peppers

Studies have shown that people eat less when the dish they’re eating is spicy. Capsaicin the compound in chili peppers that gives them their spicy kick may help convert white fat cells to brown fat cells.


Beans are high in fiber, meaning it takes longer to digest them. Meaning you’ll feel fuller longer than when you eat low-fiber foods. Also, beans are rich in proteins and fiber; a property that helps you stay full for longer without craving calories.


Cinnamon can help curb post-meal insulin spikes. Research shows that those who included cinnamon in their meal had significantly reduced blood glucose levels for up to two hours after eating.

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