Loose V? What Causes This, How To Tighten And Much More

it does not take long for your vagina to snap back to its previous shape. Photo Courtesy

Loose V? What Causes This, How To Tighten And Much More

Your vagina is elastic which means it can stretch to accommodate things coming in like a penis or sex toy, things going out like a baby.  Even with this, it does not take long for your vagina to snap back to its previous shape.

As you age or have children your vagina may become slightly looser, but overall, the muscles expand and retract just like an accordion or a rubber band.

it does not take long for your vagina to snap back to its previous shape. Photo Courtesy

The boring myth

The myth of a “loose” vagina has historically been used as a way to shame women for their sex lives. After all, a “loose” vagina isn’t used to describe a woman who has a lot of sex with her partner. It’s primarily used to describe a woman who has had sex with more than one man.

But the truth is that it doesn’t matter who you have sex with or how often. Penetration won’t cause your vagina to stretch out permanently.

Ways to tighten your vagina

  1. Kegels

To do this exercise, the first thing that you need to do is find your pelvic muscles. While urinating, stop mid-way and try feeling your muscles. Once you have found it, you can tighten them by contracting for just about five seconds. Contract for five seconds and then relax for another five. Continue this procedure as often as possible. Kegel exercises are one of the most popular ways of tightening your vagina.

  1. Squat exercise

Very few people are aware that squats are also good for vagina tightening. You just need to stand with your legs spread and you have to go down like you are sitting on a bench. Go up, stand for some time, and then again sit down. While doing so, also ensure that you push your hip outwards. With squats, you will tighten your vaginal muscles and have a toned body too.

  1. Pelvic stretch

Pelvic Stretch. Photo Courtesy

You need to sit on the edge of a chair and spread your legs. Keep your hands on your knees and point your elbows outside. Bend towards your ankles and spread your arms. You need to fold your pelvis area inside.  This exercise is one of the most effective ways of strengthening vaginal muscles and tightening your vagina.

  1. Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES)

First, lubricant is applied to a small sensor, which is then placed inside the vagina. Next, a low-voltage current is delivered through the sensor. This current stimulates nerves in the muscles and makes the muscles contract – exercising them, in a sense.

The strength of the current can be adjusted for a woman’s comfort. She or her doctor can also control the amount of time the current lasts. Usually, the procedure involves short periods of current alternating with periods of rest.

Past studies have shown that this can help women who have both pelvic floor problems and sexual issues.

In conclusion, a loose vagina is just a myth. If you’re concerned about changes to your vagina, reach out to your doctor to discuss what’s bothering you. They can help ease your concerns and advise you on any next steps.

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