Best Painkillers From Your Kitchen.


Best Painkillers From Your Kitchen.

All of us experience pain, it may be a toothache, back pain, body ache, or any other kind, and our very first instinct is to reach out for a pill. In case, if the medicine is not available for you right away, try some remedies from your kitchen, till you get proper medication.

Best Painkillers From Your Kitchen. Photo Courtesy

Let’s explore the best natural pain killers and how they function in easing the pain.


The powerful anti-inflammatory properties of ginger assist in lessening arthritis pain, cramps and muscle soreness. Gently apply the ginger pack on the region of pain for instant relief.


When crushed, chewed, sliced, or chopped, garlic releases an antibacterial and antimicrobial compound called allicin that can temporarily reduce toothache pain.


The potent analgesics, anti-inflammatory, and spasmodic properties of peppermint leaves alleviate pain and also soothe muscle spasms. Drink peppermint tea or chew a few leaves to get relief from pain.

If you have walked for long-distance or strained in the gym, seek solace in peppermint. It is a wonderful remedy for sore muscles.


The golden spice possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties and the active compound curcumin functions as over the counter antibiotics which relieve muscular pain and swelling. Drink turmeric tea or turmeric with milk daily to soothe the pain.

Include turmeric in your daily diet or mix it with milk to find relief from chronic pains.

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