Benefits Of Peeing After Sex

Benefits Of Peeing After Sex

Benefits Of Peeing After Sex

Females are up to 30 times more likely to get a UTI than males.

Firstly, the female urethra is close to the vagina and anus. This means that bacteria can easily spread from these areas to the urethra. Secondly, the urethra is shorter in females than it is in males. This means that bacteria that enter the urethra can reach the bladder more easily.

Benefits Of Peeing After Sex

In women, peeing after sex can help to flush any bacteria away from the urethra.

For males, peeing after sex is less important. This is because males have a longer urethra. As a result, bacteria from the genital area are less likely to reach the bladder.

Although there is no solid evidence to confirm that peeing after sex can prevent UTIs, there is no harm in following this practice. It may help to reduce the risk of UTIs, especially in women and people who are more prone to UTIs.

There isn’t an exact time period for when you should urinate after sex

Many believe you should pee immediately after sex to avoid getting a UTI, however, there may be a little more wiggle room than you might think.

Can this help prevent pregnancy?

If semen has entered the vagina, there’s no going back. Sperm is already traveling upward to try and fertilize an egg. During vaginal intercourse, ejaculate is released into the vaginal canal. Urine is released from the urethra. These are two entirely separate openings. In other words, releasing pee from your urethra won’t flush anything out of your vagina.

Overall, it’s important to note that peeing doesn’t always eliminate the chance of getting a UTI, but it can significantly cut down the risk. So next time you engage in sexual intercourse, it might be best to head to the bathroom after.

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