“For Nairobi In Nairobi”

Alba Flores alias Nairobi . Photo Courtesy

The Nairobi (money heist) representing the Nairobi, Kenya

When Nairobi is mentioned, what comes in your mind? Yes, I am talking about the Spanish heist crime drama television series that is worth watching. The turns are epic, the plots are believable and the acting of the heist gang members is very actual.

It is plausible, fanciful and at the same time the series looks realistic. Even as we fall in love with series we are “mourning” the death of Nairobi.

Alba Flores alias Nairobi who performed in part one to four was an expert in forgery in charge of printing the money for the gang and was one of the main robbers since part one. She was kind-hearted and wanted to use the money to get her son back.

Alba Flores alias Nairobi. Photo Courtesy

Remember Detective Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) had used Nairobi’s son to lure her towards an open window at the Bank of Spain.

Even as we quarantine during this pandemic period to combat the spread of coronavirus, we may perhaps think beyond and paint a picture of Nairobi (Money Heist) intending to represent our actual capital city of Kenya, Nairobi.

There has been a lot of money being disbursed to help in the fight against the deadly coronavirus. Do we expect any scandals? Lately, there was the Sh4 million used for tea and snacks, Ksh9 million for the printing of travelers, quarantine, and discharge forms while Sh6.5 million was spent to acquire printing paper and toners.

This raised concerns with Kenyans taking to social media to express their anger, disappointment, disgust, and despair at the selfish spending by the government during this health crisis.

On Friday 23rd May 2020, President Uhuru Kenyatta announced the rolling out of 8-Point Economic Stimulus Programme, amounting to a total of Ksh53.7 Billion. The injection of this money into the economy is meant to stimulate growth and cushion families and companies to navigate a way out the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among the ministries allocated the funds was the Ministry of Health with Ksh1.7 Billion set aside for the expansion of bed capacity in public hospitals.

As citizens we all anticipate that the Ksh53.7 billion will be well accounted for since Kenya has in the past experienced a lot of embezzlements of the fund.

At the end of the series, the gang vowed to continue on with the fight with the aim to win, “for Nairobi”. In regard to this, Kenyans will continue to demand how the sums of money are being used even as the National Emergency Response Committee on Coronavirus continue to meet in Nairobi to fight “For Kenya”

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