Employees Reduction At The Port Of Mombasa

Mombasa Port

Only core business to continue at Kenya’s port

Kenya Ports Authority has taken a step further to help combat the spread of coronavirus following a total number of 23 workers testing positive last month making the port a coronavirus hotspot.

Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia says “only the core business will remain in Mombasa port and this is loading cargo from the ships and loading cargo onto the ships for exports”

Truckers accessing the port and the inland container deport facility, will be required to have a Covid-19 free certificate issued by the government.

Mombasa Port

It is through these measures that employees above the age of 58 were asked to leave despite some having some core duties. The CS mentioned hygiene issues like washing of hands and proper use of lifts that the employees were urged to follow diligently.

He added that the number of employees has been reduced from 6,200 to 4,000. However, the rate of the spread of the deadly coronavirus has spiked due to the high concentration within the radius of less than 10 kilometers.


Felicity Gitonga

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  1. Mombasa port is vital to the importation needs of Kenya and so that of the hinterland as well. Whilst the KPA is battling Covid 19 and doing all it can to stop its spread the good news is that it is still operating and keeping Kenya open for medical supplies , food and many other importstoons and commerce can survive.

    1. Yes it is. But don’t you think the employees are still many?

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