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Credit Bank Company Donations: Photo Courtesy

Credit Bank PLC has announced Sh3Million funding into the Kenya COVID -19 Emergency Response Project to gather resources to fighting the spread and impact of the virus.

Fighting the global pandemic is what the government is preaching led by President Uhuru Kenyatta who asked Kenyans to unite in combating the unprecedented coronavirus. Credit Bank has joined a number of corporates who have come out in support of Covid-19 appeal by the president by donating Ksh3 million.

This, they say will aid immediate priorities that are to support the government’s efforts in the supply of medical facilities, equipment, and provision of basic needs towards vulnerable communities.

Credit Bank Company Donations: Photo Courtesy

Credit Bank CEO Betty Korir says “The COVID-19 pandemic is primarily a health crisis and a human tragedy, but it also has far-reaching economic disruptions. It is already disrupting millions of people’s livelihoods, impacting on households and small and informal businesses hence Credit Bank is glad to be part of the private sector and development institutions that are expanding efforts to safeguard economies, livelihoods and health needs across Kenya”

Credit bank is set to launch a Clearing Solution for its Corporate Clients due to restricted movements, which enables their clients to bank cheques at their own premises hence meeting their banking needs on-demand. The solution allows clients to achieve a higher Straight-Through-Processing, real-time visibility, and higher levels of efficiency from payment initiation through to back-end processing.

Credit Bank Donations to help fight COVID-19: Photo Courtesy

The institution has also urged its clientele to observe social distancing and sanitization in all their branches should they visit, alternatively Credit Bank has offered digital platform solutions that allow them to continue transacting as we observe social distancing and to support the fight against the pandemic.


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