Ameru and their hot tempers

Ameru and their hot tempers

“Ameru are fabled for their hot tempers”

The main people who live in Meru comprise sub-tribes of the Ameru community. These include the Imenti, Tigania, and Igembe sub-tribes. Ki-Meru is the ethnic language spoken by this community although Kiswahili and English are also used.

Ameru are associated with hot tempers and this might not be a myth with the alarming number of registered cases of men and women chopping each other with machetes. This has been witnessed in Nyambene region which is an abundant source of Miraa.

A man chopped off his hands. Photo Courtesy

In fact, the Ameru, especially the menfolk, have a short ferocity, and once its triggered bloodshed is unavoidable. Ever heard of people argue that Ameru will utter the words “I will cut you” when they have already done it? This is where the need to address anger comes before they can thoroughly resolve the feelings of anger.

Johanna Kimathi who resides in Maua says “There are some people who are not contented with what they reap from their Shambas. They want to steal miraa from their neighbor’s shambas and this is what I myself cannot fathom. I will chop off their hands if I catch one” he expresses himself with an angry face

Ameru and their hot tempers

He notes that that miraa, land disputes, and theft of their cattle are the case of the many reported violent cases.

Normally, mostly on Mondays when you visit Meru Teaching and Referral Hospital and Nyambene Level 4 Hospital which serves Igembe and Tigania you will have a chance to witness the wrath with the big number of patients admitted with deep cuts.

The idea is that when anger is not recognized and properly resolved, it quickly turns into wrath, bitterness, malice, or other sinful emotions.

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