7 Things Women Do In Bed That Men Hate


7 Things Women Do In Bed That Men Hate

Being Lazy

Different women have different skills and ratings might differ but it is offensive and downright annoying when you just lay there like a log whimpering like an Anaconda that has just swallowed a cow and do nothing. But what if you cannot sit on it like some red street blonde but at least use your hands and other parts of your body to participate. Lovemaking is an art and it involves two to accomplish the mission

Too Loud

Ever stayed in an apartment with this crazy woman who moans like she is a virgin? Men cannot stand it when you scream like a maniac, it is freaking embarrassing and scary.

Poor hygiene

The sweat and body odour is the reason he is cheating and has not touched you for weeks. The hair on the armpits is a turn off to many although (on the low) some guys like it thick like mahogany on a seashore while others want it bald.

Crying Out Another Dudes name

Has someone ever shouted out another persons’ name while making out? It is absolutely humiliating and no man can stomach that. However, some men are lousy in bed that makes women think of their ex while having sex. However, women should teach themselves to call out the sweet nothing names like hun, baby, love, and all that.

Faking it

I am flabbergasted that research shows that half of the women in the world hardly have an orgasm. However, if you have to fake that O, you better be best at it and never let him know that it is a fake one.

Being Rigid

Are you a missionary girl 24/7? Forget what you heard that your man will question you for being kinky. Be “innovative” to make sex fun. The reverse cowgirl position might be the position that gets you reciting hail Mary in French.

Can I have My phone?

Ladies! You are always asking him to pass your phone while he is on top just to pick your friend’s call to bitch around. Keep the phone away and keep your fingers busy on his back while he is busy down there.



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