Mob Justice In Meru; 16 Year Old Dies

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Mob Justice In Meru; 16 Year Old Dies

Agitated villagers attacked a 16-year-old boy in Meru and killed him on suspicion of stealing miraa. The family of the diseased is now calling for justice for their beloved.

Anthony Munene Gitonga, a Standard Seven pupil, died three days after he was accosted by a local teacher and his sons and subjected to lengthy torture.

A post-mortem report showed that the boy died of ruptured intestines and head injuries.

A video and still photographs later emerged showing the pupil being tied with ropes and his necklaced with a tyre. The attackers clobbered him until he passed out.

Ms. Elizabeth Kangai, the boy’s grandmother, said Munene was taken to a local hospital and was referred to Meru Level Five Hospital where he succumbed to the injuries three days later.

“I was shocked to see how they treated him like an animal. They tied him with ropes and beat him up. I have reported to the police but no action has been taken,” said Ms. Kangai.

The boy’s uncle, Harrison Mwenda, said they were being threatened by the family of the suspected killers since they are rich and influential in the community.

“They are now threatening us and saying no action will be taken against them. We urge the government and any institution that helps people pursue justice to help us,” he said.

Mr. Mwenda disputed that the boy had stolen miraa as alleged.

“He was just ambushed on the road and accused of stealing miraa,” Mr. Mwenda said.

He added: “Even if he had stolen, he should have been taken to the police. He was a young boy who would have reformed if at all he had committed any crime,” he said.

The boy was laid to rest in Kiengu.

Felicity Gitonga
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