Milk And Eggs Shortage In Major Towns

Milk And Eggs Shortage In Major Towns
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Milk And Eggs Shortage In Major Towns

Surprisingly, our supermarkets have run out of milk and eggs. The food crisis in the country has deepened with major towns facing an acute shortage of eggs and milk.

The rising prices of dairy and chicken feed have been blamed for the current shortage with farmers shying away from farming after years of incurring major losses. Further, the situation has been worsened by the ongoing drought coupled with the rising cost of fuel which has seen the prices shoot up by over 40 percent.

A survey in various towns including Naivasha, Gilgil, Mai Mahiu, Longonot, and Suswa established that many shops had run out of the two commodities while others were rationing them.

Farmers are warning of dark days ahead with prices of farm inputs rising by the day, thus reducing their profit margin.

Mr. Simon Mureithi, a poultry farmer in Naivasha, said he is barely making any profits due to the high cost of chicken feed.

He said the prices had increased by over 50 percent with the situation worsened by cheap imports from neighboring countries.

Milk And Eggs Shortage In Major Towns

Poultry and dairy farmers

“Many of the poultry and dairy farmers have reduced their produce due to the high cost of production and we foresee a major crisis in the coming days,” he said.

Mr. Samson Njihia, a trader, said they were rationing their sales for the past week to meet the demands of all their customers.

“We have recorded a sharp drop in eggs and milk supply and this has pushed the prices up with farmers unable to meet their demand due to the economic challenges,” he said.

Association of Kenya Feed Manufacturers chairman John Gathogo said the livestock sector was also on its knees due to the current challenges.

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