Meru Men Share Household Duties With Wives.

Meru Men Share Household Duties With Wives. Photo Courtesy
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Meru Men Share Household Duties With Wives.

Did you know that gender equity starts in the home?

The presence of more men sharing more fully in domestic duties for an extended period of time has the potential to create a sea change in gendered norms at home and at work. Thanks to Corona Virus.

Men teleworking during the pandemic are more likely to appreciate women’s work-family experiences, understand the value of flexible work arrangements, appreciate the benefits of relationships with work colleagues, and role model more equitable work-family gender roles for their children.

Meru Men Share Household Duties With Wives. Photo Courtesy

Many believe that household work belongs to women but oh unto you brethren, marriage or relationship has no formula. Grilling some mbuzi in your kitchen for family dinner as your wife cleans doesn’t make you a lesser man. Indeed, your children learn a lot from both of you. Ask a Meru man.

On the contrary, for many couples, the division of household labor is a source of conflict.

Dividing housework is a highly gendered process whereby women perform a larger share than men regardless of their individual-level resources.

Just do you and your family. Choose what works best for you.

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