Other Than Sex This Is Why They Cheat.

Other Than Sex This Is Why They Cheat. Photo Courtesy

Other Than Sex This Is Why They Cheat…

You may be doing everything right by the book and your partner still cheats on you. Sometimes it has nothing to do with you.

In this day and age where sex is easily available and flings have become the norm, research has shown that most marriages will experience some infidelity at one point.

The saddest part is it can lead to the end of a beautiful marriage or relationship with the cheater living to regret it. So why do they do it?

Other Than Sex This Is Why They Cheat. Photo Courtesy

They felt neglected

At the beginning of most relationships, partners focus all their time and attention on their new catch until the honeymoon stage is over and reality sets in.

Once that attention and connection that was there start to dwindle, the neglected partner may be vulnerable to attention elsewhere leading to infidelity.

If he or she feels they’re not getting their emotional or physical needs met like they were before, this can create room for temptations.

Falling out love

When you start falling in love you will know because every little thing the other person does makes you excited and the butterflies in your stomach.

That doesn’t last and as the relationship becomes stable, those intense feelings begin to fade. That however does not mean the love is over.

The excitement though can make you crave those feelings and you may start to desire to get that from another person.


Sometimes the partner who was cheated on may want to pay back by doing the same. A bad idea obviously, that never ends well and the relationship soon becomes toxic and it is better to break it off than continue.

Other reasons that may stem from revenge or anger include a partner who is absent, constant arguments, their love needs are not being met, or simply out of frustrations.

Some partners see this as a form of punishment making things worse than they already were.

Feeling unappreciated

One partner may be forced to look elsewhere once they feel they are not being loved, given attention, or respected enough.

They may start feeling like they are being taken advantage of and being used. To deal with those feelings, they may look elsewhere for fulfillment and fill that void they’re missing from their partner.

Unmet need

Many people stay in unhappy relationships or marriages for the sake of the kids and in the hope, things will get much better.

Sadly, frustrations continue to grow as their needs go on being unmet. When one partner is investing a lot of emotional energy and they’re not being appreciated or reciprocated or they have different sex drives, for instance, this may motivate them to cheat.

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