It’s Harassment Dragging Me…

Online harassment on female journalists on the rise. Photo Courtesy

Online harassment of female journalists on the rise.

Seven out of 10 women journalists in Kenya have experienced some form of online harassment in the course of their work.

This is according to a survey carried by the Association of Media Women in Kenya (AMWIK).

According to AMWIK Board member Yvonne Mwende, although male journalists also face online harassment, female journalists face attacks both as journalists and as women.

Online harassment of female journalists on the rise. Photo Courtesy

Mwende who spoke at a breakfast meeting for journalists at a city hotel said the harassment is manifested mostly through trolling, where somebody intentionally publishes offensive provocative or distressing remarks online in an effort to upset an individual and incite a response.

She says this can put female writers at risk of physical harm.

However, though the journalists rarely seek legal redress, legal action can be taken against the culprits if there is evidence.

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