Keroche Workers Misfortunes

Keroche Workers Misfortunes
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Keroche Workers Ask Uhuru To Intervene In KRA Tax Row

Employees from Keroche Breweries have petitioned President Uhuru Kenyatta to intervene over the ongoing tax row between the company and KRA.

The workers who face the sack in the coming days noted that they would be the biggest loser in the row with their families already going through untold suffering.

This came as it emerged that the workers had not received their four months’ salaries due to the protracted row that has seen the brewery closed six times in the last year.

Last week, the tax collector closed down the Naivasha-based brewery after defaulting on an earlier agreed plan to repay tax arrears totaling Sh300m.

Keroche Workers Misfortunes

The authority went ahead to issue agency notices to several banks against lending the brewer, fully paralyzing the operations of the company.

Addressing the press in the breweries before holding a peaceful demonstration at Labor offices in Naivasha, the workers said that their only hope lay with the President.

The chairman of the workers’ welfare John Odhiambo told of their suffering as they waited for the row to be resolved.

He said that the issue was no longer a Keroche-KRA matter as over 400 people who depended on the company faced the sack.

“We are kindly pleading with the President and the Ministry of Labor to intervene as tens of families are undergoing untold suffering,” he said.

Odhiambo said that they were tax-payers who were ready to abide by the law noting that the tax collector should have a sit-down with the management of Keroche and resolve the impasse.

He said that since the Covid-19 pandemic, the company had been closed on many occasions adversely affecting its production and revenue generation.

“We can no longer feed our families following the row which doesn’t involve us and this has psychologically affected many workers,” he said.

Another worker Rally Tago said that they had worked in the company for years and knew no other home, terming the current situation as the worst ever.

“We are drawn from different parts of the country and all that we are asking for is the reopening of the brewery as the pending issue is resolved amicably,” she said.

This was echoed by another worker David Atete who said that their children had dropped from school while others were sleeping hungry.

“Though the company owes us four months’ salaries we know this can be paid if the brewery is allowed to resume operations,” he said.


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