Kenyan Tribes with Most stingy Men

Kenyan Tribes with Most stingy Men. Photo Courtesy
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Kenyan Tribes with Most stingy Men

Dating a man who does not love to spend even a penny on you can be very difficult. Some men believe that spending money on a woman is meaningless. According to their girlfriends, some tribes have men who don’t give out money, they are too stingy that even taking her out is next to impossibility.

Kenyan Tribes with Most stingy Men. Photo Courtesy

Here is the list.


A Kikuyu man will only give his girlfriend money when he is either drunk or has mined some gold. Otherwise, he will even shop for you instead of giving you money.


The only reason why their girlfriends stay is that the man is a tiger in bed. Kisii men are known for complaining, clicking, and throwing hands on the air when asked for some money. If he happens to give his girlfriend Ksh 500, he will announce it to the whole world.


They wait until that special moment, that’s when they take it from the pocket. These men will too shop for you instead of giving you money just like their Kikuyu brothers. Their infidelity game is on point. You will never catch them.


A Maasai man will give you money if his cow has given birth or during celebrations. But during normal days, don’t expect anything from him. He will marry a 5th wife na hutafanya kitu. (You won’t do anything).


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