KCSE Candidate Delivers Twins

KCSE Candidate Delivers Twins
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KCSE Candidate Delivers Twins

A Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) candidate from one of the centres in Nandi Hills sub County is writing her remaining papers at maternity ward after giving birth to twins.

According to the Sub County Director of Education Bernard Manyasi the candidate is in a stable condition and they have provided all the necessary requirements to ensure she tackles her remaining papers without any hindrance.

He noted that the hospital management has set aside a private room for the candidate free from any unnecessary disturbances.

“We have provided the required security for the candidate even as she tackles her remaining papers at the hospital. We are closely working with the hospital management that has ensured all is in place for her examinations to run smoothly,” noted Mr Manyasi.

KCSE Candidate Delivers Twins

The director further said that everything has been running smoothly in the entire sub-county since the KCSE exams commenced.

“We thank God that we haven’t faced any challenge since the KCSE candidates started writing their papers. We hope all will go well for our sub County up to the end,” pointed out Manyasi.

Nandi County has a total of 21,688 KCSE candidates comprising 10,820 boys and 10,688 girls in the 246 examination centres in the County.


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