Is CS Matiangi Becoming A “Cheap Thrill?”

Is CS Matiangi Becoming A “Cheap Thrill?” Photo Courtesy
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Is CS Matiangi Becoming A “Cheap Thrill?”

The office of the Deputy President is accusing Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiang’i of abusing the power of his office to score cheap points in a futile attempt for political propaganda.

A statement signed by the Communication Director in the office David Mugonyi Wednesday, in reference to a list tabled by Dr. Fred Matiang’i when he appeared before the National Assembly Security Committee; he says Dr. Matiang’i has attempted to profile the DP as ineligible to receive services from the Ministry of Interior.

“The Deputy President is elected to discharge and fulfill a critical constitutional mandate. His security is therefore necessary to ensure that those mandates are not undermined. There are precedents where his security has been breached. Each of these breaches has not only threatened our constitutional order; it has caused anxiety, tension, and despondency among the citizens of Kenya.” Mugonyi added

Noting that the DP is ready to undergo a lifestyle audit, Mugonyi said the statement given to the Committee was erroneous.

Is CS Matiangi Becoming A “Cheap Thrill?” Photo Courtesy

“Many properties allocated to the Deputy President in his statement to Parliament are in fact not his. To add insult to injury, Matiang’i asserts that he has deployed security officers to these unknown strange properties. In any event, the Deputy President went on record as early as 2018 to announce his readiness to undergo a lifestyle audit per the President’s directive. This false association with strange and fictitious properties is therefore unnecessary and malicious,” read part of the statement.

The statement further says by singling out the DP and casting adverse attention to his security arrangement amounted to potentially exposing him to security threats.

” It is dishonest of Dr. Matiang’i to compare offices from an obsolete constitutional and historical era, and which preexisted the Office of Deputy President, when it is elementary that the Office of the Deputy President is established by the 2010 Constitution. The Deputy President does not deploy security to himself or to anyone else. When he assumed office in 2013, the National Security Council had already established a security model for the Presidency and constitutional offices. Any change to the arrangement would have been discussed and formally approved at the appropriate level,” he noted

Adding that Dr. Matiang’i used the privilege of parliament as a forum to propagate maliciously and assault the dignity of that institution by publishing inaccurate data purporting to be property interests and security deployment to the same.

“In fact, most of the property listed DO NOT belong to the Deputy President. The Deputy President was not elected in August 2021. He has been serving since 2013. It is deceitful and fraudulent of Dr. Matiang’i to wake up today and suddenly realize that the Deputy President’s residence is not a protected area and not entitled to GSU protection. This realization nine years after the fact, in the context of many other orchestrated political events, schemes and machinations against the Deputy President clearly indicate that Dr. Matiang’i was acting in explicit pursuit of a malevolent political agenda.” He said


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