How To Survive A Heartbreak This Valentine’s Season

How To Survive A Heartbreak This Valentine's Season
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How To Survive A Heartbreak This Valentine’s Season

The season that love birds await is finally around the corner. For a day that’s meant to celebrate love, Valentine’s Day can easily put you in a less than celebratory mood when you’re dealing with a broken heart.

However much you have healed this day can make you want to lock up yourself in your room, cry, yell, put on sad music and think of your past.

How To Survive A Heartbreak This Valentine’s Season

Valentine’s day doesn’t have to drain your happiness of the things you can’t change. Instead;

  1. Give yourself a moment to recognize your feelings

As Valentine’s Day approaches, give yourself a chance to really feel your feelings. If you need to cry and feel sad, then cry and feel sad. Let yourself grieve the loss of your relationship and also the loss of the future you thought you were going to have with this person. Recognizing that you’re feeling pain and then letting that out will give you room to let love and positive feelings in.

  1. Plan a date night with a friend

If you put your friends on the backburner when you were in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to reconnect. If you have a friend who’s single or also getting over someone, plan a date night together. Make an agreement in advance to use the date to celebrate the power of lasting friendships

How To Survive A Heartbreak This Valentine’s Season

  1. Send love and positive thoughts to friends and family

Just because you’re not in a relationship doesn’t mean that you can’t give love to others on Valentine’s Day. Make an effort to mentally send loving thoughts to everyone you meet. You never know who could use that little bit of positive energy.

  1. Repeat positive affirmations

When you’re dealing with a breakup you may start to feel frustrated with yourself, too. If feelings of self-doubt arise, recite this mantra in your head or aloud, “I decide my self-worth. My value doesn’t hinge upon anyone else or my relationship status. I also know that I’m at my best when I choose to be positive and hopeful about everything my future holds.” Repeating a positive affirmation, even if you don’t truly believe it at first, can help you shift your mindset.

  1. Finally, get moving.

When you’re feeling stuck, it’s important to keep moving, literally. Enjoy a kickboxing session or a demanding workout at the gym to let go of pent-up anger (maybe at your ex!)

Hahaha Happy Valentine’s in advance.

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