Hamjatosheka? Mvita MP Says Any Kenyan Has Choice To Appeal BBI Verdict.

Hamjatosheka? Mvita MP Says Any Kenyan Has Choice To Appeal BBI Verdict. Photo Courtesy
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Hamjatosheka? Mvita MP Says Any Kenyan Has Choice To Appeal BBI Verdict.

Mvita legislature Abdulswamad Nassir has reiterated what his ODM party leader Raila Odinga said that the party will respect the Court of Appeal ruling on Building Bridges Initiative BBI.

Addressing the media in his CDF office, Nassir said that the ODM brigade under the stewardship of Raila fought for the independence of the judiciary that Kenyans enjoy now under the new constitution.

He stated that the constitution is not for a particular individual but rather for all Kenyans while appreciating the hard work that the judiciary put in place.

“We respect the court decision, those who are celebrating today are doing so courtesy of what our party leader advocated for, though some were against the new constitution that gave the judiciary true independence,” said Nassir.

The legislature also stated that the most important thing is that the constitution remains supreme adding that any Kenyan has the choice to take up the matter to the Supreme Court.

He added that he had spoken to his party leader who hinted that the party was going to hold a parliamentary group meeting for ODM legislatures to chat the way forward.

Hamjatosheka? Mvita MP Says Any Kenyan Has Choice To Appeal BBI Verdict. Photo Courtesy

Nassir expressed his dissatisfaction with some of his colleagues who were celebrating yet they supported the BBI bill when it was brought in parliament accusing them of double standards.

“Any Kenyan who feels aggrieved by the decision can go to the supreme court, I was puplexed by some MPs calling pressers to celebrate the ruling yet they voted yes when the motion came into the floor of the house,” said Nassir.

On the other hand, the United Green Movement party hailed the appellate court decision saying that BBI was now buried and forgotten calling on the government to now focus on more pressing issues affecting the country.

Led by the party’s secretary general Hamisa Zaja, the party stated that the decision was long overdue but finally the court had affirmed that the initiative was unconstitutional.

“With or without BBI, the problems facing Kenyans remain to be there, let us forget about it and move forward to focus on issues affecting Kenyans,” said Zaja.

Zaja further stated that the country needed to fully implement the 2010 constitution and the Krigler, Ndungu and TJRC reports that she said would go a long way in addressing the issues that have been affecting Kenyans.

“The late Kofi Annan brokered the national accord and the agenda four that gave birth to the three reports, let us fully implement these reports if we truly want to unite Kenyans, serve them justice and ensure peaceful elections,” said Zaja.

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