Drug Trafficking Along Isiolo-Moyale Highway.

Drug Trafficking Along Isiolo-Moyale Highway . Photo Courtesy
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Government steps up war on drug trafficking along Isiolo-Moyale highway.

Security officials in Isiolo County have mapped out drug routes and increased surveillance along Isiolo-Marsabit-Moyale Highway to rid the region of illicit drugs.

This comes after a multi-agency Police unit manning a roadblock at Archers’ post on Thursday intercepted a vehicle ferrying 30 Kgs of bhang with a street value of Ksh 1.5 Million and arrested all four occupants of the vehicle.

According to Isiolo County Commissioner Geoffrey Omonding, the vehicle was en-route to Nairobi via Isiolo, ferrying the illegal drug substances believed to be from the neighboring country of Ethiopia.

Drug Trafficking Along Isiolo-Moyale Highway . Photo Courtesy

Omonding noted that the consignment was discovered through the help of Sniffer dogs, which he said have played a key role in identifying the vehicles carrying bhang and other illegal substances along the same road in the recent past.

Just a month ago, yet another vehicle, a Toyota Succeed was nabbed at the same roadblock ferrying bhang and with five students on board.

All four suspects, aged between 20 and 30 years, are held at the Isiolo Police Station.

They are expected to be arraigned in court Friday morning.

According to Omonding, focus now shifts to the real drug lords, who use the young people to transact the illegal drug business and amass immense wealth at the expense of the young people while ruining the future generations in the process.

He advised those involved in the car hire business to properly interrogate the people they offer their vehicles to, arguing that most of the vehicles involved in the illegal affair are hired from various companies or individuals.

He added that a security team had already mapped all the routes that drug traffickers use to transport bhang and other illegal substances and increased surveillance.

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