Does Revenge Cheating Help?

Does Revenge Cheating Help?
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Does Revenge Cheating Help?

cheating for revenge is the act of ‘getting back’ at your partner after they have upset you in some way, typically through the act of infidelity.

When you’re struggling with the pain of being cheated on, indulging in an act of infidelity yourself may seem like just the medicine you need. But is it really that simple? How does revenge cheating psychology work? And are you a bad person for even thinking about it?

Does Revenge Cheating Help?

Revenge cheating will always add an insult to an injury in that,

  • First of all, you are doing this only out of spite; this is not who you are. Naturally, going against your conscience will throw you into a vicious circle of guilt and suffering
  • Just because you managed to hurt your partner doesn’t mean it will take your pain away
  • Your mental health would be doubly affected now that you are dealing with a broken heart and tremendous self-condemnation
  • Plus, you gave your partner ammunition to defend their actions and it will be super difficult for both of you to rebuild trust in the relationship
  • And the worst of all, the damage it does to your relationship might be beyond any fixing


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