Does Parafin Reduce Sex Drive?

Does Parafin Reduce Sex Drive?
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Does Parafin Reduce Sex Drive?

Back in the days, and probably now, crude kerosene was/is one of the “ingredients” in our school meals.

Used as a dietary supplement, crude kerosene is believed to reduce sex drive (libido) at the pubertal stage. This has been a common practice in East Africa and other countries for decades.

Does Parafin Reduce Sex Drive?

In 2015, research was conducted to prove this belief.  The study aimed at using a rat animal model to investigate the effects of crude kerosene on serum testosterone levels, aggression, and its possible toxic effects.

Fifteen male albino rats of approximately similar age and average weights were put into three groups of five animals each.

The control group (placebo), low kerosene dose (10 μl/day) group, and high kerosene dose (300 μl/day) group. ELISA was used to determine the serum testosterone levels.

During treatment, changes in aggression were observed and noted. Liver toxicity was determined using enzyme assays, total protein, and albumin while renal toxicity was monitored using serum creatinine levels.

A full hemogram was conducted to determine hematological effects. Various tissue biopsies were obtained and examined using histopathological techniques for evidence of toxicity.

Contrary to the common belief, the findings showed an overall increase of serum testosterone levels of up to 66% in the low dose and 75% in the high dose groups, with an increasing trend by the end of the study.

There is however no scientific basis for this belief.

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