Do You Shower Before Sex And Pee Afterwards?

Do You Shower Before Sex And Pee Afterwards?
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Do You Shower Before Sex And Pee Afterwards?

Because cuddling is fun but UTIs are not!

Showering before sex will help you smell a lot nicer to your partner during sex, making them enjoy your company a lot more.

If either of you will be engaging in oral-anal sex (rimming), showering will clean the anal area of feces, reducing the risk of fecal infections (for example Giardia, Hepatitis A, etc.)

For some couples, shower together as a part of sexual foreplay.

Men can carry STI pathogens on the genital epithelium and then transmit them to sexual partners. Therefore, genital hygiene before and after sex is important.

Sex is often associated with UTIs because sexual intercourse introduces bacteria [from the anus] to the urethra and into the urinary tract.

Peeing after sex is thought to help flush out bacteria before it can travel to the bladder. Even if your partner isn’t knowingly going from your anus to your vagina, there’s a lot of opportunities for bacteria to move around and over toward your urethra during sex.

If you are intentionally switching from penetrative anal play to penetrative vaginal play, you should make sure whatever is entering your vagina is as clean as possible, whether that means your partner washing their hands or rolling a new condom onto the sex toy you were using anally.

Do You Shower Before Sex And Pee Afterwards?

There’s no science-backed timeline for when you should pee after sex. Which is actually great! It means you have the chance to really tune in to your body and figure out what feels right and comfortable for you.

Remember that that sex toys should also be cleaned before and after use and the use of condoms or dental dams for oral sex should be encouraged.

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