Detectives Rescue Stolen Baby Suspect Arrested.

Detectives Rescue Stolen Baby Suspect Arrested.
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Detectives Rescue Stolen Baby Suspect Arrested.

It is a sigh of relief for a mother of a one-year-old baby girl in Busia after detectives found her kidnapped child.

According to a Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) report, missing baby Gladwell Zawadi was found and reunited with her biological mother after three-day disappearance that saw the kidnapper arrested.

“Baby Zawadi was finally reunited with her mother Anne Nanjumbia, who sobbed uncontrollably at the sight of her baby,” read the statement.

Detectives Rescue Stolen Baby Suspect Arrested.

DCI explained that on November 16, the minor was stolen from the doorsteps of their house in Funyula, Busia county as her nanny went about the daily house chores

“She was busy doing laundry a few steps from the house when she turned back to find the baby missing,” DCI stated.

The incident was reported to the Funyula Police Station who immediately launched a manhunt for the baby.

“For three days, the team following leads provided by witnesses tracked the suspect down and finally pounced on her last evening, in Mabatini area of Busia town. Angel Zawadi was also rescued in good health, following the arrest of the suspect,” stated the DCI.

The suspect identified as Electine Obonyo is currently behind bars at Bumala Police Station, being processed for arraignment.


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