Rosy Valentine’s Day: Flower Exporters Forecast

Rosy valentine’s Day: Flower Exporters Forecast
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Rosy Valentine’s Day: Flower Exporters Forecast

According to the Kenya Flower Council (KFC) CEO Clement Tulezi says better tidings from this year’s Valentine’s Day sales are expected in contrast to last year.

Rosy valentine’s Day: Flower Exporters Forecast

“2020 was worse off as we already know had the virus spreading in the rest of the world. It was not strange that we didn’t have a good Valentine’s then” He added

The CEO says that while the COVID19 pandemic continues to evolve, the horticulture sector has learned to navigate challenges presented by the global health crisis.

“While we may still be in the CIVID19 season, there is still movement of produce in terms of new orders which have been much better than those seen in 2020when we had a lot of market apprehension from buyers.”

This week running to Sunday is the biggest sales period for cut flower exporters with the bulk of the sub-sectors revenue across the year streaming from Valentine’s day alone.

According to the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) Monetary Policy Committee survey on flower farms conducted in January, all flower farms have now returned to operations in contrast to only 56% in April and May last year.

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