Muratina, Now Selling In U.K

Muratina, Now Selling In U.K. Photo Courtesy

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If you thought Muratina is only being found in the Corridors of Githurai, Kwa Maiko or Gachochoro you are mistaken.

Muratina, commonly known as Ratish by youts, has made its way onto the shelves of major retailers in the United Kingdom.

King’ori Wambaki, an Othaya-born Kenyan has carved out a niche in the United Kingdom from selling the local brew Muratina, which he markets as wine spiced with honey under the name Muratelia.

In a tweet, Kenya’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Manoah Esipisu, said that the alcoholic drink is now available for sale in the United Kingdom.

Muratina, Now Selling In U.K. Photo Courtesy

“The central Kenyan traditional alcoholic drink ‘Muratina’ is now available on UK supermarket shelves, bottled in the UK by Othaya-born businessman King’ori Wambaki, now of Cheshunt, north of London, who is targeting the expansion of Kenyan products in the UK market,” he tweeted

The drink comes in a beautiful black and gold champagne-like bottle dubbed ‘Muratelia.’

Muratelia is a refreshing beverage that pairs with red meat and salad to offer a sweetened velvet sensation of exotic fruits and honey, according to an inscription on the bottle.

The wine, which has a 12 percent alcohol content, will set you back between Ksh. 1,500 and Ksh. 3,800 and is being sold in the UK to customers under the age of 35.

Wambaki told a UK-based blog that the drink- made with UK-sourced ingredients and condiments- was well-received in the European market.

Muratina, Now Selling In U.K. Photo Courtesy

“Cheshunt is a town outside of London. We used ingredients that were readily available in the UK because we had not yet reached the point where we could import products from Kenya,” Wambaki explained.

Muratina is an alcoholic beverage named after the same-named fruit. The fruit comes from a tree known as the “sausage tree” (Kigelia africana) because of the long, sausage-like fruits it bears.

The fruits dangle from string-like twigs that fall from the tree branches. Individual fruits can reach a length of 60cm and weigh up to 7 kilograms.

Muratina has played a significant role in the Kikuyu community’s social and cultural practices.

This traditional alcoholic drink has been passed down through the generations and played an undisputed role in almost all social functions in Kikuyu culture, including births, initiations, marriages, and other special occasions.

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