E commerce business thrives amidst coronavirus pandemic

E commerce
E commerce and COVID-19

Coronavirus impact on Ecommerce

The coronavirus disease has forced many Kenyans to stay at home and work from home. A sudden increase in demand has been recorded as consumers turn to online shopping. Most of the buyers say they plan to avoid in-store shopping because of the pandemic.

E commerce

E-commerce and COVID-19

The disease has seen many people keep indoors reducing social contacts, and one of the places being avoided includes the supermarkets. Jumia Kenya Chief Executive Officer Sam Chappatte says the number of people using online platforms has accelerated. He says consumers are spending on essentials like food including groceries and sanitizers.

“There is a growing demand for the day to day stuff such as sugar, milk, water, flour, and handwash among other items, whose uptake has now shot up in our platform,” says Chappate

E-commerce companies are scaling up their operations to meet the growing demand for door-to-door deliveries.

However, as supply chain issues increase, third-party sellers will look for ways to limit the impact, such as reducing ad spending. Many of the challenges online retailers are currently facing are supply chain-related, and online marketplaces are responding in various ways.

The government is still urging Kenyans to social distance and stay at home to stop the spread of coronavirus. Kenya has recorded 262 positive cases, 13 fatalities and 60 recoveries.


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