BOM Teachers Cry

BOM teachers Cry. Photo Courtesy
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From Peanuts Pay to Losing Jobs

Schools are not soon opening as we already know after the Ministry of Education put it clear to the public that schools will reopen in 2021. This is a big slap on teachers, learners, and parents’ faces.

Unfortunately, the teachers employed by the Board of Management (BOM) are facing the worst days of their lives. Most of private and public school principals sent BOM teachers on unpaid leaves after schools were ordered to close as a measure of combating the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

Kisii and Nyamira branches KNUT secretary Thomas Omariba earlier noted “Since the government closed all schools in March over the Covid-19 pandemic, the workers (including tutors) have not been paid their salaries and allowances,”

BOM teachers Cry. Photo Courtesy

Some of these teachers depend on the salary to provide for their families with the Ksh15,000 or less cash they receive at the end of every month. This absolutely living a dog’s life!

There are about 72,000 teachers working under BOM that the government in collaboration with the Ministry of Education needs to come to their rescue.

Even as the BOM teachers wait upon the ministry to act right, these teachers do not know their fate for the next six months until schools reopen in January 2021.

Felicity Gitonga
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