At least 21M Kenyans Vaccinated

At least 21M Kenyans Vaccinated
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Covid vaccinations nearing 21M as more Kenyans embrace the dose

Covid vaccine uptake in the country is picking up again with more Kenyans volunteering to be injected with the life-saving dose.

On Friday, for instance, the ministry administered 8,164 doses of covid vaccines while the proportion of those who got their second vaccine stood at 3,386.

The latest uptake has seen the proportion of adults fully vaccinated rising to 34.4%.

“As of August 20th, 2022, a total of 20,958,975 vaccines have been administered across the country. Of these, 17,649,438 are doses administered to the adult population (18 years and above),” the ministry said in a statement Sunday.

At least 21M Kenyans Vaccinated

The health ministry added; “An additional 1,892,073 are doses administered to those between 15 to 17 years, 333,398 are below 15 years but above 12 years while 1,084,066 are booster doses,”

The Government is working towards vaccinating a targeted population of 27,246,033 people

In the meantime, the number of those currently admitted to health facilities as a result of covid is also reducing.

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