An Anklet? What You Didn’t Know

What is your opinion on the use of an anklet?
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An Anklet? What You Didn’t Know

An anklet also called an ankle chain, or ankle string is an ornament or a bracelet worn around the ankle. I am just flabbergasted by one of my male friends who said “An anklet is widely recognized as a symbol that a woman is married yet available to other men for sexual activity with the husband’s consent and encouragement” Oh! Darling, what a misconception!

There is still a lot of misconception about women who wear anklets. A lot of Nigerians view such women as indecent. A majority believe that no disciplined and well brought up woman would wear an anklet.

What is your opinion on the use of an anklet?

They say it is a jewel worn mostly by women of easy virtue.  The religious ones say that wearing one, does not glorify God in any way. But is that really true?  How did all the misconceptions come about? Especially considering the fact that in the past, anklets weren’t always viewed as an item for loose women.

History has it that anklets were first worn in ancient Egypt. They were worn by all social classes chiefly as a feminine ornament. An Anklet also served as a symbol of love as men usually gifted their women with one. The type of anklet one wore showed her social status or fortune. They were also used by dancers to make rhythmic sounds whenever they danced.

What is your opinion on the use of an anklet?

It only takes a brave woman to decide that despite the negativity and misconceptions, an anklet is a nice fashion item that should take its place of glory on her ankle. Kudos to all such brave women.

What is your opinion on the use of an anklet?

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